10 – 12 August 2016, Cendrawasih Hall – Jakarta Convention Center (Updated 04 August 2016)

Day 1 – Wednesday, 10 August 2016

08:00 – 09:15 Registration – Morning Coffee
09:30 – 11:00 Opening Ceremony
Safety briefing by JCC Management
Welcoming Announcement by MC
National Anthem Indonesia Raya
Report from the Host, Chairman of Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA), Abadi PoernomoAbadi Poernomo
Remarks from The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Dr. ArcandraTahar, M.Sc., Ph.D.*
Agreement Signing & Block Awarding
Keynote Speech by HE The Vice President of The Republic of Indonesia, Drs. H. Muhammad Jusuf Kalla*
Opening Ceremony
Exhibition Opening & Inspection
11:00 – 11:30 Press Conference at Plenary Hall – Board Room 2
11:45 – 13:15 Keynote Session 1 at Cendrawasih 1







This Sessions aims to provide insight to the leadership and commitment of the respective Policy and Decision Makers critical to the geothermal industry. The vision shared by all speakers is projected to gain confidence to all geothermal player who believe that this fully supported-accelerated development of geothermal energy resources will make significant contribution in enhancing supply of clean energy – particularly geothermal energy, providing reliable power to domestic and industrial consumer, with the aim of securing long term energy resources and improving the quality of people’s lives and deliver greater benefits to the nation.
Facilitator: Ahmad Yuniarto,  INAGA

Keynote 1: Dr. ArcandraTahar, M.Sc., Ph.D.*, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources

“Critical Path and Roadmap in Achieving 7000 MW by 2025

Keynote 2: Prof. Bambang Brodjonegoro, S.E., M.U.P., Ph.D*, Minister of National Development Planning – BAPPENAS

“Syncronizing the Government Mid and Long-Term Energy Mix Program”

Keynote 3: Dr. Ir. Siti Nurbaya Bakar, M.Sc.Dr. Ir. Siti Nurbaya Bakar, M.Sc.* , Minister of Environment and Forestry

“Update on Progressive Policies and Regulations to Support Geothermal Development”

Keynote 4: Muliaman D. Hadad, Ph.D.Muliaman D. Hadad, Ph.D.* , Chairman of the Board Commissioners Financial Services Authority

“Supporting Indonesia Geothermal Development by Enabling National Financing Scheme and Capacity”

13:15 – 14:00 Luncheon at Kasuari Lounge – Lower Lobby
14:00 – 17:00 Plenary Session 1 at Cendrawasih 1




















“Aligning Vision and Integrating Policies to Accelerate the Development of Geothermal Resources”
This Plenary discusses challenges in implementing government’s policies, which are formulated to provide framework for efficient geothermal resources development. Each Panelist will elaborate on recommendation to give solution thoughts to resolve obstacles which currently impede progress.  The need for an integrating policy at implementation level is real. A policy which will provide ultimate encouragement towards geothermal industry and create multiplying impact on energy development that will lead to economic growth and social development in Indonesia.
Moderator: Paul MustakimPaul Mustakim , INAGA

Panelist 1: Ir. Rida Mulyana, M.Sc,Ir. Rida Mulyana, M.Sc,  Director General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation

“Implementing Policy within Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to Develop Geothermal Industry”

Panelist 2: Dr. Ir. Tachrir Fathoni, M.Sc.Dr. Ir. Tachrir Fathoni, M.Sc.* , Director General of Natural Resources Conservation and Ecosystem

“Alignment on the Policies and Regulations for Geothermal Development in Forest Area”

Panelist 3:Dr. Ir. Montty Girianna, M.Sc., MCP., Ph.D. Dr. Ir. Montty Girianna, M.Sc., MCP., Ph.D.* , Deputy Minister for Energy Management, Natural Resources and Environment

“Streamlining Economic Policies and Regulations to Promote Geothermal Investment”

Panelist 4: Dr. Ir. Ridwan Djamaluddin, M.Sc,Dr. Ir. Ridwan Djamaluddin, M.Sc,  Deputy Infrastructure Development, Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs

“Government Policy Framework in Electricity – Priorities in Support of Geothermal Development”

Panelist 5: Suahasil Nazara, SE., M.Sc., Ph.DProf. Suahasil Nazara, SE., M.Sc., Ph.D. , Acting Head of Fiscal Policy Agency, Ministry of Finance

Robust Fiscal Policies to Achieve Indonesia Geothermal Development Target”

Panelist 6: Dr. Soni Sumarsono, MDM., General Directorate of Regional Autonomy, Ministry of Home Affairs

“Aligning Regional Government Role to support Geothermal Development”

Questions & Answers and Wrap Up
15:45 – 16:00 Coffee Break
15:00 – 17:45 Parallel Technical Session 6 Classes at Lower Lobby
18:30 – Finish Industrial Cocktail and Networking Evening with Dr. ArcandraTahar, M.Sc., Ph.D.*, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources at Kasuari Lounge

–          Announcement on Writing Competition and Photo Competition Winners

–          Appreciation Ceremony for Sponsors


Day 2 – Thursday, 11 August 2016
08:00 – 09:00 Registration – Morning Coffee
09:00 – 09:20 Keynote Session 2 at Cendrawasih 1


Facilitator : Fazil AlfitriINAGA
Keynote 1 : Thomas Lembong*, Chairman of Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)

“Role of BKPM in Supporting Effectiveness of Geothermal Investment Climate”

09:20 – 10:45 Plenary Session 2 at Cendrawasih 1









“Business Vision in Achieving the 7000 MW Target”
This Plenary will present recent issues in exploring and developing geothermal resources. Overview of challenges experienced by the geothermal industries – zooming in into several issues: Technical, Social and Financial – will expose opportunity on working together to address 7000 MW achievement through collaborative approaches.
Moderator: Fazil Alfitri, INAGA

Panelist 1: Ir. Yunus Saefulhak, M.M., M.T,Ir. Yunus Saefulhak, M.M., M.T,  Director of Geothermal MEMR

“Bridging Government Goals and Business Objectives”

Panelist 2: Ir. Nicke Widyawati Ir. Nicke Widyawati , Corporate Planning Director, PT PLN (Persero)

“PLN Policies in Supporting Geothermal Development”

Panelist 3: Syamsu Alam, M.Sc., Ph.D,Syamsu Alam, M.Sc., Ph.D.,  Upstream Director, PT Pertamina (Persero)

“Acceleration in Developing the Existing Pertamina Geothermal Working Areas”

Panelist 4: Hendra S. Tan,Hendra S. Tan,  Chief Financial Officer, Star Energy

“How to Mitigate Risks in Developing Geothermal Power Plant

Questions & Answers
10:45 – 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 – 12:30 Plenary Session 3 at Cendrawasih 1










“Sharing Best Practices in Developing Geothermal Resources from Around the World”

This Plenary will bring out overview of lesson learned and best practice from various countries. In order to actualize innovative breakthrough, it becomes necessary to bridge the experience gaps existed and promote global partnership with countries and businesses all over the world. The experience shared by all panelists is aiming to enlightened participants on the latest progress of technologies and services in the geothermal industry.

Moderator: Tim Anderson, Tim Anderson, Trade Commissioner, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

Panelist 1:  Dr. Alex Dolya, ACCA, CFA, Dr. Alex Dolya, ACCA, CFA , Principal of Boston Consulting Group

“Pricing Policies and their Impacts to the Progress of Geothermal Development: Comparative Study Around the Worlds”

Panelist 2: Dr. Ir. Andang Bachtiar, M.Sc., National Exploration Committee – KEN

“Update Current Status on KEN Program and Future Plan”

Panelist 3: Marcelo Augusto de Camargo,Marcelo Augusto de Camargo,  President of GeothermEX, a Schlumberger Company

“Best Practices in Winning Financing Support”

Panelist 4: Julfi Hadi,Julfi Hadi,  Managing Director of Hitay Energy Holdings

“Key Success Factor to Meet GOI Geothermal Target: A Resources Base Business Development Strategy”

Panelist 5: Bob Sullivan,Bob Sullivan , ORMAT Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing & Business Development

“Sharing ORMAT Experience in Exploration & Developing Olkaria Power Plant”

Questions & Answers and Wrap Up
12:30 – 13:30 Luncheon at Kasuari Lounge – Lower Lobby
13:30 – 16:35 Parallel Technical Session 6 Classes at Lower Lobby
17:00 – Finish Closing Ceremony at Cendrawasih 1

Closing Session:

–         Announcement on Best Paper, Best Poster and Best Booth Winners Announcement

–          Chairman of IIGCE 2016 Brief Report

–          Closing Speech by President of INAGA


Day 3 – Friday, 12 August 2016 – Saturday, 13 August 2016

Field Visit to Wayang Windu, Star Energy Geothermal Operation Field

Depart from JCC to Wayang Windu, Pangalengan, West Java


*to be confirmed